Thursday, December 13, 2012

RANT: Forgefiend Assembly

Well the good news is that I am still making progress on the Chaos Marine army, the bad news is that thanks to GW I am facing an absolute mess when it comes to assembling my Forgefiend. You see in their instructions they co ahead and tell you to assemble the ball jointed feet on the miniature to the legs and then attach them to the body, the problem becomes that the feet end up in the wrong locations and you end up with this splay legged Forgefiend, I am not impressed…In the least!
I have one leg that right now I can’t do anything about given it has already been painted highlighted and shaded, the other three I am soaking in Simple Green with the hope of being able to break the bonds on the glue so I can reposition them, needless to say I am annoyed and its really delaying the completion of the piece.
What bothers me the most about this is that GW surely must have QA and one would think that they would have tested the instructions first before releasing them, I generally have a very favorable opinion of GW but this time I am down right angry, its costing me a lot of time and effort to get what is supposed to be a centerpiece of my army up and painted, and hopefully not damaging the paint work already done.
I’ll update the blog as soon as I have found a solution, but right now its just trying what I can and see where that takes me.  

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